On Sunday January 21, I took my daughter to Downtown Disney. There was a celebration event for Minnie Mouse. Found the event through the Disney Parks Blog, I highly recommend reading it and signing up for their email alerts.

For those who have not been to Downtown Disney, it is basically an outdoor mall next to the entrance of Disneyland and Disney California Adventure. It is free to enter and has ton of stores and restaurants and entertainment.

There was a total of 17 stores and vendors that were participating in the event. While five of them only gave additional store discounts, the others has products or treats for the special occasion.

We got free Rock the Dots Minnie Mouse buttons, free Minnie Mouse inspired makeover, and bought a special treat. They even had Disney Photo Pass location, and the photos taken were free to download and share.

The main event was a dance party with a DJ at Downtown Disney Live. Then the special guest herself, Minnie Mouse  showed up. Of course she was rocking her polka dot outfit. I really liked the blue and white. She danced with the kids who joined with her on the dance floor and stage.

It was a great event. Best part was I didn’t have to buy admission or be part of any special Disney program, it was open it everyone.

Parenting tip: You have to be candiSELRES_8173094e-c0d9-4ecb-9caa-6d425d6722bcSELRES_8173094e-c0d9-4ecb-9caa-6d425d6722bcd with you kid if they know Downtown Disney is next to the parks. I let her know before we even left the house we were going to celebrate Minnie Mouse and that we couldn’t go into the parks. If they can honestly accept that and understand where they are going, they will be fine. I was just reminding her of all the things we were getting that special for that day, it helped.

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