On Sunday, Disney raised the prices of the tickets and annual passes for Disneyland and Disney World. While a lot of people heard the news and complained about what should be already expected, some people have to now conjure up if an Annual Pass is worth it for them or even their family. Of course there are those who renew anyway because you can’t put a price on Disney magic.

I am not one of those lucky ones who just renew anyway. I am a number cruncher, and I want to over analyze what the cost is and the review all the options. I have only been an Annual Passholder for one year, last year to be exact. The choice then wasn’t math related. You can read more about that here.  This year I have run the numbers and determine if I will get new passes.


Here is helpful information for the analysis of what it costs to buy a Disneyland Annual Pass. Exact details and black out dates can be found here if you want more.

2018 Prices

  • Disney Sothern California Select Passport – $369
  • Disney Deluxe Passport – $729
  • Disney Signature Passport – $999
  • Disney Signature Plus Passport – $1149

How Many Trips It Takes to Break Even (Based on Value Days Ticket $97)

  • Disney Sothern California Select Passport – 4 Days ( add $20 for parking each day)
  • Disney Deluxe Passport – 8 Days (add $20 for parking each day)
  • Disney Signature Passport –  9 Days ( parking included)
  • Disney Signature Plus Passport – 10 Days (parking included)

Final Thoughts

  • If you are in Southern California the three day ticket sale of $199 is the best value for you if your only visiting less then 6 times a year, and before the end of May.
  • If going to the parks Monday through Friday is a problem with work or school schedules, then the Deluxe Passport is the best bet for weekend only trips.
  • There is such a thing as free parking if dont mind parking 3 to 5 block away in residential. Otherwise, a parking pass is only worth it after 32 trips with the Southern California Pass, and 14 trips with Signature.
  • The Signature Plus Passport is only ever needed if you have to visit during the Christmas to New Years weeks. The additional $150 isn’t worth just the Max Pass alone.
  • Don’t consider the discounts on food and merchandise as they are extra costs and the prices are high inside the park. Sales Tax in California is close to the 10% you get on most passes so only saves you that much.

I hope this helps you make an easier decision. Was this helpful?

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